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Scot Chrisman is a professional skiier that has travelled the world and garnered sponsorships to do what he loves. After giving private lessons for years, Scot has created an online course to teach everyone how to ski. Whether this is your first time strapping on skis or you're a seasoned veteran, Scot can help you up your game, and go from no to pro.
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Jump right into the Academy of Skiing with our free course. We’ll help you make the most out of your time on the mountain while staying safe and performing in top condition.

Beginner/Intermediate Course

The Beginner/Intermediate Course will walk you through buying or renting the right gear and what to do before you even set foot on slopes to be physically and mentally prepared for learning how to ski. The Course will also cover how to slide, parallel turns, hockey stops, getting on to the lift, and more.

Park Course

The Park Course will teach you the right skills to attempt park and show you how to progress from sliding boxes straight to grinding rails, as well as flipping and spinning off of jumps in the park.

Big Mountain Course

The Big Mountain Course will teach you how to navigate moguls and bumpy terrain fast and efficiently. We’ll discuss how to choose the right cliffs to start jumping off of, how to spin off of cliffs, and more.

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Through OneTreePlanted.org, we plant at least one tree around the world for every product that we sell. Our Park Course plants two trees while the Big Mountain course plants three!

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